Lana covers: GAP’s opening in Beirut Souks

This post comes right in time before the holidays. Here is a selection of pictures from my part in Gap’s second boutique opening in Beirut Souks.

During this event, the press, the media and several bloggers enjoyed very fine catering before discovering the boutique. Then, Stefan Labban (part of the international group that owns GAP) gave a quick word on this opening before Myrna El Khoury (PR for the event) welcomed the attendees and introduced me.


Myrna El Khoury and Stefan Labban

I said a quick word on GAP’s history and presented the brand’s classic jeans cuts both for women and men. After this, everyone was invited to look for their right pair of jeans and I was very glad to help them do so. It was quite challenging because it was my first styling session as such and imagine how it becomes when you have more than 20 people around asking you for advice. I had to be quick and precise by choosing one jeans cut to each person according to their body shape and preferences. Nevertheless, I love challenges so I really had a lot of fun doing so. It also gave me an inside look at the stress handled by store assistants!

with the very sweet fashion blogger Tracy El Ghazal


with Jana Momtaz

I have to say it was a great experience that I immensely enjoyed and I can’t wait for more throughout L’Armoire De Lana. Thank you GAP and a warm and special thank you to Myrna.

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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