Lana covers: Behind the Scenes of Karina’s haircut for “Style Your Cut”

If you’ve been keeping up with L’Armoire De Lana, “Style your cut” is a sub-campaign part of the “Make the Cut: Hair donation” campaign by One Wig Stand and supported by L’Oreal to fight breast cancer.
On Saturday December 15th, my donator, Karina Assaf met up with Ally and I at Pace e Luce Verdun for a free-of-charge haircut by Khaled and a hairstyle we had previously agreed on.

Pace e Luce Verdun branch

Karina super excited before the haircut!

It was extremely fun and it involved so many emotions. Between pre-stress and post-cut happiness, we’ve tried to capture as much pictures as possible of these moments so we could share them with you all!

From coffee, to her nails and her hair..it was quite a start of the day!

haircut time!



As you can see, I haven’t revealed anything of the final look yet!
Stay tuned to the blog and to the official Facebook page for Make The Cut as the reveal of all the looks will take place tomorrow!!

Have you got any hints on the look we’ve went for for Karina?
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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