Lana covers: Baby Dior Fashion Show in Beirut

 I had the great pleasure to attend this morning a Baby Dior fashion show that was hosted by Aishti in Beirut downtown district facing the Dior store. All the kids had already chosen their outfits last week and it was amazingly cute to see them getting ready for the show at Aispa. Some of the girls had their hair straightened up while others enjoyed having their hair done in little updos. Boys looked dazzling with a little bit of gel on their hair!

Ali getting ready in Aispa

My happiness was bigger today as my little brother, Ali, participated in the show as well! I fell in love with his look; don’t you agree?

The event took place around noon and I needed to be wearing something very fresh and comfy!

I am wearing: Sandro black and white knit top, a Zara boy blazer, Dior black patent flats and Chanel shades.

Location: Downtown Beirut

With baby brother

Let’s start with few pre-show pictures!

Said Boubess and Ali El Sahely

This should be a mag cover!


As for the collection, it was a charming bouquet of bright colors and the designs are irresistible! You will love ever one of the looks! The girls’ dresses were my favorite;  with peplums it made them look so dreamy!

The styling was made by a young woman who came right from Paris for the show. It was really well organized!

The show about to kick off!

Said Boubess

This girl will be a model!!!

Believe it or not, all of these kids weren't coached or anything! And they did such an amazing job!


Such a beautiful color!

When Ali hits the stage!

So proud of him!!

a cutie! He kept running on the stage!

Fab dress! My fav!!

The Finale

Buffet of sweets and candies at the end of the show; best reward for the kids!

I love when such events get organized in Beirut! Let’s hope we can see more of these things soon!

Fashionably yours,

                                      Lana xx

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