Lana And You: Yasmine mixes nail polishes

Today’s contribution is particularly interesting for most of us! I must admit having learned this habit from Yasmine!

Every saturday afternoon, there’s a ritual appointment that Yasmine never misses; aren’t manicures and pedicures things we cannot resist as women? What’s particular this time is how much Yas loves nail polish mixes! Here are three combinations that Yasmine went for and that you must take a look at!

Yasmine admits always using her favorite color as the top one. For this series of combinations, she tried to stay around the orange/tangerine trend. All of the mentioned nail polishes are by Essie.

“Tangerine” + “Boathouse”
“One of a kind” + “Boathouse”
“Orange its obvious” + “Vermillionaire”

Last but not least, here are few tips that Yasmine gave if you feel like mixing nail polishes:

1. The darker shade should always come first.

2. Always use a similar darker color to make the top one look richer.

ready for some crazy blends?!

Thank you for sharing this great idea with us Yasmine! As for the rest of our readers, it might be your turn to be featured on L’Armoire De Lana. Send us your pictures with the styling details to [email protected]!

Fashionably yours, 

                              Lana xx

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