Lana And You: When Zahra goes vintage

One of the ultimate trends of the moment is vintage fashion. People are all crazy about the appeal of owning a retro and unique piece. It is a cheeky way of creating your own style; by simply inheriting old items and styling them differently.

For our Readers’ Style section, Zahra Basma shared with us these gorgeous pictures where she went for a completely vintage, romantic styling. Lace is the #1 fabric of vintage elements and Zahra’s dress is just perfect for such a look. Her earrings are her mother’s; which adds a more authentic vintage feel. Finally, her hair styling (with the braided headband) and her nude makeup come to complete her fashion statement. I love that the pictures are in black & white and she looks too cute, right out of  an old movie! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us!

Zahra Basma, student and photographer

Lovely picture !

Zahra is wearing:

-A dress from Boutique 1861, Canada

-Her mother’s vintage earrings

-A simple braided headband

Did you ever go for such a look? Share it with L’Armoire De Lana !!

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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