Lana And You: Sara choses to be dressed in Ink

Today, we’re happy to feature Sara Nassar, an artist and a designer if you want to call her like that. I’m saying so because Sara chose to refuse this word in a Beirut circle where everyone who is selling tops decides to be called a fashion designer. Raw by Sara is her own creation for sharing her paintings, her art through pieces of clothing. We will soon be featuring her work!

As for now, our focus is on Sara herself, on her fashion sense and on her love for things that aren’t the most common. Sara loves tattoos and piercings  and she’s clear about thefact, that once one starts, it’s really hard to stop. Nevertheless, what I love about Sara and her tattoos is how it’s all about things that she truly loves and want to forever memorize. Here, we’re completely away from this so-called cliche against tattoos and piercings; it’s not always something vulgar. It can go beyond elegance.

The pictures were styled by Sara, who as you will see, is mostly dressed in INK. They were taken by her brother, Nadim Nassar. Note that all of the tattoos were made by Lebanese Hady Beydoun.

Sara in a Maje top, I’m in love with this tattoo!

2- the chained top and the studded clutch are from vintage shops in London’s camden market

This denim pair is from American eagle and Sara found the clutch at a vintage shop in London’s camden market

Maestria – beautiful idea

The tragus piercing was done by Hady Beydoun and the 2 others during one of Sara’s trips to London

This chained top is from a vintage shop in London’s camden market

I love how Lana&You is a section through which we can feature various of styles and fashion tastes. It really feels good to sometimes grow out from the norm!

Thank you Sara! As for your, dear reader, send us your pictures to [email protected] and get a chance of being featured!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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6 Responses

  1. Dear Lana,
    This blog rocks all kind of styles and people way to go!
    I would like to know do you have a favorite tattoo? in absolute
    Thank you,
    your best friend.

    1. Dear Best friend,

      Thank you!! This blog looks forward featuring your style too! I’ve always wanted to have a little cedar on my right wrist but now I’d definitely go for a sentence with words that marked me! Don’t know what yet..Love you

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