Kenzo SS16

First, I have to say that I was extremely excited to attend my first Kenzo show. I love the spirit of this brand and the strong comeback it has been able to achieve during the past few seasons. Starting with the set-up, there were huge white arches stacked on the runway painted with shades of peach and pink, recalling the architecture of little Mediterranean cities like Portofino in Italy. I love how the runway immediately gave us the right summer vacation vibes, making us look forward a colorful collection.

As always, the designers rocked it and were able to make us travel, portraying the modern woman and her everyday wardrobe. Being a very nomadic brand, Kenzo’s collection always feels like we’re traveling the world and back. I liked the approach of summer dressing with some lingerie details, a lot of layering, gorgeous prints, knee-high gladiator sandals, statement accessories, long light dresses, kimono jackets and some structure purses.

There was a strong 1990s vibe with bodysuits, printed mini-skirts and a couple of military silhouettes and waist-cinching belts. My favorite were the ‘chandelier’ earrings and the bold necklaces contrasting with the very graphic prints. Summer, where are you?

KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_01_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_02_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_10_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_18_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_19_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_27_NXPowerLite_1 KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_29_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_35_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_37_NXPowerLite KENZO_WSS15_LOOK_39_NXPowerLite kzo_pap16_0730_NXPowerLite kzo_pap16_1561_NXPowerLite kzo_pap16_1605_NXPowerLite kzo_pap16_1694_NXPowerLite

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx