Karim Rahman, makeup designer

Good afternoon everyone. I’m so excited to be finally sharing with you the first interview I conducted during my trip to Cannes. Karim Rahman is a makeup artist and expert for L’Oreal Paris. I had the immense pleasure to attend one of his workshops during my stay in Cannes. I have to say I got an amazing glimpse of the upcoming products of the brand. I also had the chance to interview him and get you a lot of little beauty secrets!

With Karim Rahman - Cannes 2015-

With Karim Rahman – Cannes 2015-


LS: The name of L’Oreal Paris was changed to L’Oreal makeup designer Paris. What is your vision of a makeup designer, what does it mean for the brand and for the brand lovers?

KR: The will of adding the terms of “makeup designer” mainly came from our President as we wanted to show even more that L’Oreal Paris is truly a brand of experts. Of course, it changes everything when it comes to communicating about our brand, focusing on the expertise of our products.

LS: Why did you choose to celebrate the pin-up in 2015? Is retro more in than ever?

KR: I think pin-up goes well with La Vie En Rose collection and the pink integration. It’s all about the very girly with a touch of humour from the 1950s with icons like Marilyn Monroe, Betty Boop.

LS: Brows are so IN right now, what advice could you give to Lebanese women and which
product should they use? Any trick to have a perfect line?

KR: We developed so many products to be honest. Whatever you do, if you want to have a good focus on the eyebrow: always draw it from the base and then blend this line to the top. Never draw the top, it looks so unnatural because it will look very dark. Leave the beginning of your eyebrows untouched, these two or three little hair will keep the natural look.

You have to try several products before understanding which one will make you more comfortable, whether it’s a pen, eyeshadow, etc. However, I’m in love with our new product the “Brow Stylist Plumper”, and it’s just so easy to use. It’s like mascara brush with a very nice tint, all you have to do it brush your eyebrows with it.

LS: What are the makeup essentials according to you? 

KR: Mascara, foundation (uniform with a little bit of transparency without fake textures, matte and a little bit of highlight), the Kajal (you can use it as a liner, an eyeshadow, so versatile). For me the lipstick is the final touch, a little extra.
I always moisturize, start with the base. Then, I immediately use the mascara, before the eyeshadow. First, because it will touch the eyelids so I don’t want to ruin my work but the main reason is that as soon as I apply my mascara, I will know immediately where I’m going in my makeup. Mascara is definitely my favorite product and I believe a woman doesn’t look the same with or without it.

LS: What is the one makeup product that a woman should always have in her purse?

KR: The mascara definitely!

LS: Let’s imagine I have a big occasion in 1 week, what makeup would you recommend? 

KR: You! A lot of mascara as you are now wearing and a red lipstick, the Blake one. That’s it.

LS: Gloss versus Matte lipstick: which one wins? 

KR: We fight for the matte! I love the matte but I don’t mind the use of a little bit of satin texture. The inspiration comes from the cinema, the music industry. For a long time, it was very hard to find the right matte, they were always very dry and uncomfortable for the woman. We launched last year the exclusive reds with very nice matte lipsticks and I just love them.

LS: Me too! I particularly loved the Pure Red by Blake Lively and I’m thinking of wearing to the red carpet.

KR: Excellent choice, it’s one of my favorites as well. I also like the ones by Leila and the one by Jlo. Approved!

LS: If you had one advice to give to women regarding beauty?

KR: It would be to use makeup as an accessory and not as a mask. Don’t hide behind makeup, perfection doesn’t exist and I find imperfections sometimes sexy and interesting.
For example, if you have heavy dark circles, I would never try to put thousands of concealer to hide them, I can find a little of dark circles sexy in a way..

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