Some looks mark my fashion week in a very distinct way. I know I always repeat how important is it for me to feel comfortable during my hectic fashion week days. We should always, as strong women, wear the outfit/dress like we own it. We define what we wear, we give it a personality, a tone, an identity. However, certain pieces can help us stronger, empowered, independant.

I just love a classic suit. I feel it can give a woman the epitome of elegance, everything looks different in a suit. Not only it gives a professional attire but it can also look extremely avant-guarde and stylish when picked correctly. It’s the first time I select a look from Racil, a brand specializing in suits/smokings.

The reason I went for this one is very simple, I loved the mix of texture/fabrics. The contrast between the navy blue velvet and the metallic pattern looked just perfect. I’m so big on velvet this season and any velvet detail makes my fashion heart go crazy. The cut of this suit is extremely flattering, I made sure to wear very high-heels to be able to walk comfortably, and it also helped in making my silhouette look better than ever. Little shoulder pads in the jacket and everything was complete. Aren’t you crazy about metallic fabrics this season?

As for my bag, I wanted to create a little clash. This latest piece from Sarah’s Bag psychedelic collection completed the look. See The MAGIC.

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I am wearing: Racil FW16 jacket and pants, Dior “so real” sunglasses, Miu Miu heels and a FW16 Sarah’s Bag.

Location: Paris, France

Photography: Hana Le Van

Lana xx