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Today, my post is completely different. A group of four IC students in Beirut; Ali El Sahely (yes my baby brother!!), Tamara Itani, Hind Mrad and Zouheir Itani have taken action regarding the garbage crisis in Lebanon. They started recycling in their own buildings. Today, I want you all to join the movement to make our country a better one. It’s very sad that, at this point in time, garbage is still causing an issue. Small moves can make huge changes.

We need to all be more aware about recycling and how to properly sort our bins at home in order to help the change. All you have to do is call SUKLEEN on 1551 (from your mobile or landlines) to get more information about the different bins you can have at home to make a change and start recycling. You can help us spread the movement by making this available in your buildings, sharing this information with your friends, your neighbors, members of your extended families, you name it! It’s time to make our country a cleaner place, no better way to start at home.

If you’ve already taken part of this movement or have tips for recycling, please send us pictures on [email protected], I would love to see more people taking  part in the change. Let’s #GOGREEN.

And Bravo to these students on the great initiative, only the future generations can give us hope for better days.

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Lana xx