In Grasse with #LVParfums – Louis Vuitton

I’m happy to finally be sharing with you a little diary of my trip to Grasse with Louis Vuitton Parfums. During the last couture week in July, I had the exclusive chance to attend the first presentation of the #LVParfums but I couldn’t reveal anything about it yet. Imagine my excitement when I found out that I would be flying in October, after the ready-to-wear fashion week to get in Grasse a closer look at how these scents were created.

After spending an amazing night at the iconic Hotel Du Cap Eden Roc (it was my first time!!) and enjoying a breakfast by the sea, we headed to “Les Fontaines Parfumees”, a beautiful estate in Grasse now part of the LVMH group assets. There, the master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud was waiting for us. I loved discovering that Jacques Cavallier is initially from Grasse where he grew up raised by his father, a perfumer and his mother also working in perfumery. At the age of 8, he already knew what his vocation would be.

The master perfumer started his presentation of the emblematic Fontaines Parfumees by giving us a little history of what made Grasse today, the world’s perfume capital. It all started during the 12th century as Grasse became known for its leather working. In fact, Grasse has a key asset, the spring water that runs through the town. Throughout the years, it attracted tanners who needed it to clean animal hide. With time and the new trends such as perfumed leather good, Grasse became known for delicate fragrances. The city’s ideal weather for growing tuberose, rose, orange blossom and other flowers helped experience in the 19th century an incredible growth of its perfumery.

Jacques Callier Belltrud had been working on the #LVParfums for the past four years and it’s incredible to see how many innovations were born when it comes to the technique used for the created scents. I especially love the fact that he used an infusion of the Louis Vuitton leather, he describes it to be more “floral than musky”. I liked that he was simply inspired by an element that purely defines the DNA of the brand. Also, for the first time in history, he used a CO2 extraction of some of the most beautiful flowers, the result is incredible.

We went through every fragrance released, discovering the elements and the techniques used every time. To wrap it all, we enjoyed a very special experience in the laboratories, creating our own fragrances by simply mixing together different extracts, based on what we like the most (something woody, floral, etc.). I enjoyed this activity so much!

Last but not least, I have to tell you more about my favorite fragrances from the current collection of the #LVParfums:

-Rose Des Vents: very feminine, using “rose de mai” a flower only existing in Grasse. It’s very light and fluid with a particular cedar note.

-Turbulences: definitely one of my favorites. It’s composed of jasmin from China and tuberose absolute from India. It’s extremely floral.

-Matiere Noire: the one I would pick in a heartbeat, my ultimate favorite. It used real aguar wood from Saudi Arabia. It’s woody, spicy and really could last for days on the skin. Mixed with patchouli and narcissus absolute to create a contrast, this scent is narcotic yet floral at the same time.

Make sure to discover the rest of the 7 fragrances as well, I just really wanted to share with you my personal favs.

THANK YOU to the entire team of Louis Vuitton for having me, I will never forget this experience. And I can’t wait for more.

Photography: Hana Le Van

Lana xx

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