I’m Blue Dabadee

The color blue was thankfully voted the Pantone 2014 color. I know I’ve mentioned it several times already but it’s my favorite color e-v-e-r. I believe that throughout our existences, we are always looking to achieve serenity, throughout our daily actions and the goals that we set to complete. For me, blue fully represents serenity and everything that’s soothing. It’s not a wonder that it was proven to be the best color for a bedroom in many statistics. Yes, if your room is blue, you have more chances of sleeping more! Today’s post is a tribute to this color in a hue that suits most skin, hair and eye colors. It just gives a beautiful glow to your face that will not let your outfit be unnoticed. For this summer, make sure to mix it with neutrals like white and nude or clear colors like any pastel shades. Adding a hint of exotic skin to your outfits also never hurts!

I am wearing: blue jumpsuit, white perforated pumps, snakeskin purse and 2 chain bracelets, all from BARBARA BUI.

The brand’s shop in Beirut is located in Downtown Beirut, facing Bank Audi Headquarters. Make sure to drop by to checkout the rest of the collection. It’s one of my favorite of the season, love the fresh colors, the gorgeous clothing and the statement purses and accessories.


For more updates about the brand, make sure to follow their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx