Hermes Boutique, 17 Rue Des Sevres

Some places are simply magical. But what makes them so? Simply all the little stories hidden behind it. When I visited Hermes’ shop in rue des sevres in Paris, I fell in love. The kind of love that makes me want to share with you this wonderful space. Genuinely.

It all goes back to the rive droite/rive gauche (right bank/left bank) contrast. The beauty of Paris resides in how the city feels complete with the very contrasted right bank and right left. The rive droite bring to mind a very chic sophistication and elegance that is quintessential to Paris while the rive gauche translated a more relaxed, artistic and very romantic atmosphere. Many of the big designers and fashion houses have boutiques in both “sides” but these shops differ in the mood (while keeping the brand’s identity of course). This Hermes boutique is specifically all about the rive gauche spirit, the rive gauche state of mind. Here we think literature, music, painting.

Back in 1935, the location used to be one of Paris’ public pools. The beauty about the shop decoration today is that it has kept the pool mosaic and the balconies. The floor is just so gorgeous! It makes everything prettier just walking on mosaic while taking a look at the latest releases from the brand. This boutique that opened back in November 2010 is very different because it kept the space a location where people can also gather over coffee or a delicious dessert while overlooking the boutique. I mean, who wouldn’t love visiting the Hermes boutique just to have a cup of coffee with some friends? An absolute must-try, especially for the free spirits. Rive gauche loving!

Photography: Mokhtar Beyrouth

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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