I’m very happy to introduce to you Hashtag With Lana, one of the blog’s latest features. With the strength of social media nowadays and all the craziness about Instagram, we’re becoming kind of obsessed with hashtags. Initially, a hashtag is a word or a phrase preceded by the hash sign (#) to identify specific topics and messages. Today, we hashtag the funniest sentences to create very personal hashtags, I personally enjoy reading creative ones. This is why this category comes to you.

Every now and then, based on a specific little story, I will be launching a hashtag throughout this category for you all to share with us with similar stories on all of your social media platforms; whether Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. It will be super fun for us all to look at these hashtags later on and enjoy the creativity of each others.
This week, #larmoiredelanagoesnew. Yes, as you’ve seen, the website has undergone beautiful changes, bringing to you new features, more interactive ones and interesting new content. The branding of the website stays the same, very simple and sleek, yet positioning the blog on an international scene. This week, I want you all to screenshot your favorite part of the new website and share it on Twitter/Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #larmoiredelanagoesnew. I would love to go through the hashtag in few days and discover your favorite parts from the new website..it will inspire me for future new content. Hurry up, hurry up, can’t wait to see what you’ve got to share with us.