Happy 5th Year Anniversary

this post.

I don’t know where to start, I still can’t believe it’s been five years that I’ve started the little adventure of L’Armoire De Lana. Looking back through the years and the evolution the blog has been through, I can’t but smile and feel immensely blessed and grateful.

Yes, it has been a roller coaster, yes it went through ups and downs and yes I cannot wait for more. The most exciting part of this adventure is meeting new people and sometimes developing great and pure friendships that become part of my daily life. I learned to say no to useless judgements, no to negative vibes, no to jealousy, no to envy, no to rudeness. Some people ask me why I don’t blog about the things I don’t like, it’s simply because I’ve chosen to spread positivity, great energy and I want to empower women. This is the main message behind my blog and I intend to keep it this way.

For those who don’t know, everything started in the most random way. I had just completed summer internships at great fashion publications and I fell in love with the work of a fashion editor. I grew up fascinated by writing, it has always been a personal hobby and taking it to the next stage by combining it with fashion suddenly made sense.

This is it, I want to write and I want my own fashion magazine. But wait Lana, you’re still completing your university studies. Well, inspired by my boyfriend at the time (husband presently), I started my own blog to have my platform on which I could write about the latest trends, interview prominent fashion personalities and eventually share everything about my personal style, my lifestyle, my secret beauty tips. It has evolved since then but I love how the growth has been organic since the start, on each of my social media platforms.

I faced a lot obstacles but also several new challenges. Yes, I had started blogging when Facebook was still the best online tool and when Twitter was booming, there was nothing called Instagram or Snapchat. It is beautiful when your own project takes you onto new discoveries, makes you try new formulas, makes you set new strategies. And then, there was also my wedding that created an online craze that I couldn’t control at all, I was blessed to have gained a different audience but I’ve also made sure to show the world that I’m a writer, a real blogger, not just the girl behind the wedding.

No work is perfect but the beauty of a blog is how personal it can get and how relative it can be, it becomes a personal matter whether you appreciate a certain piece or article. However, on L’Armoire De Lana, I try to be open to suggestions, I accept constructive criticism because I know it will take me farther.

Bouchra, I have to mention Bouchra Boustany, the genius mind and kind heart that has joined L’Armoire De Lana’s team as the manager. She’s the one setting the rules for every collaboration, making sure everything goes in a perfect way for the blog’s identity. Almost two years together and counting the achievements, I genuinely love you!

Rola Ghotmeh, my favorite graphic designer, founder of TheCreative9, the agency that has been behind my blog’s logo and identity since day 1, it’s been quite a journey together, you ROCK.

I have to thank my close friends and family for always supporting me and having my back. Thank you Cerina for styling 75% of my looks, you save me every time! Thank you Mom for being the biggest critic of the blog, pushing me always forward, making me brainstorm on better ideas, challenging me, I love you. Ali, not only you gave the idea of starting the blog but also you daily support me and I have to say that your patience is what keeps me sane.

The biggest thank you, the largest smile, the strongest heartbeat is for all of you, dear readers and followers for always following my work, for believing in my blog, for appreciating every milestone, for making me always want MORE.

As you might have guessed by now, I’m excited to have prepared with my team 5 amazing surprises to celebrate these 5 years of happiness and hard-work, stay tuned for competitions that are going to take you off your seats.

The sky is the limit, fasten your seatbelt, it’s about to get more exciting.

Happy Happy Happy Anniversary.


Photography: Hana Levan (journeyintolavillelumiere)

Wearing: Chloe PreFall 2015

IMG_6948 IMG_6903 IMG_6809 IMG_6896 IMG_6824 IMG_6786

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx