Got Attitude?

Contribution by: Shoug El Nafisi

Yes, being positive requires you to put on a face, and make a move. A positive attitude asks for more than being optimistic; it asks you to make it your perspective of life, and all that’s around you. It’s nothing less than your basic needs of food and shelter. So, make it a priority. How to get there? Here are four easy steps to develop a positive attitude:

Be powerful

You are your own self, and not your profession. You play different roles; a wife, mother, daughter, sister, accountant, CEO, teacher…etc, but you’re never only one all the time. You have within your power the capacity to take on multiple roles, tasks, and challenges. Having the capacity is a given, because I believe human beings are able to rise to the challenge time and time again – having faith in being that strong makes all the difference.

Be in control

Be your own boss: aware and decisive. Develop the discipline to set targets, and meet them, to manage your time and tasks, and to control all that you can control. Then, you’ll arrive at controlling your reactions, and your attitude. Having a positive attitude isn’t passive at all – it’s “give it your all” all the time. Get it right, and you have yourself an endless source to all your beautiful energy.

Reinforce your positive attitude

So you’ve been doing well for some time but somehow sense that it’s coming to an end. You wouldn’t want to wait ‘till you’re hungry! When it’s a little tough to be feeling “better” about things, you may have come across a drain. That’s fine. Your comeback remedy? A decent break. A couple of hours outdoors, good food, and great company help do the trick. You see, there are several elements that could be of great help: Place, People, and Passion. Not so long ago, I went on a trip to Dubai, and took all of my work with me, but I – very notably– covered all three elements because I, too, could use some back up!

Share your happiness

Three things that make you someone that others want to be around?

First, be genuinely interested in, and happy for, them. Second, be constructive. Never just say things, whether to a friend or stranger, for the sake of just voicing your opinion. Third, be strong enough, in control, and positive enough to shield your friends when they’re feeling “under the weather”.

Life is beautiful. Give it a chance.

We love this one. Thank you Shoug.

Fashionably yours,