Mon Armoire: ‘Blue Charge’ by MAC Cosmetics

Colored mascaras are back and it’s been a while! However, in my opinion, it is important to pick the right tone. Colored mascaras are available in very electric colors and sometimes in darker shades. L’Armoire De Lana definitely rejects the electric colors when it comes to mascaras as I believe that mascaras give more allure when darker.

This time, I’ve tried for you the “Blue Charge” Zoom lash Mascara by M.A.C Cosmetics. I particularly love its color because royal blue is one of my favorite blue shade ever. The texture of the product is really good and the brush curled my lash so perfectly.

MAC Colored Zoom Lash Mascara: Green, Blue, Plum, Black.

I also got the green one and I’ve tried it and will be sharing few pics with you all soon. I love these mascaras because even if you’re using a strong color, your eyes still look so classy and glamorous.

To complete the use of the mascara, I added a bit of a golden eyeshadow on the upper lid and a light blue eyeshadow on the lower lid

I think that it’s important to bring a bit of a change from now and on. It doesn’t have to be so striking.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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