Tricks and Trends: The Chokers

choker is a close-fitting necklace that is worn high on the neck. It can also consist of one or more bands circling the neck. Chockers can be made of velvet, plastic, leather, metal or even beads and adorned with sequins, studs, cameo and others. You can also find chockers made out of fabrics.

Chocker for $15 at H&M

I’m just crazy about this very new jewelry trend! Almost a year ago, we’ve seen them on the runaways and now they’re available in the craziest of ways in different shops.

Leather Chocker, $65 at Mango

Semi-Rigid $15 Chocker in a crocodile finish at H&M

$45 Chocker at Mango

Bourdin Mesh Gold Necklace $225 at charmandchain.com

This was a super quick selection. If you’re in Lebanon, try to search as much as possible in the small jewelry and handmade accessories stores in Hamra, Bourj Hammoud etc. as these are the places where you can find the most unique and original pieces.


You can wear chockers during the day with cotton dresses or with jeans and tops if the chocker is simple.

If you have sequined chockers or others, try to wear them at night with short tight dresses or with leggings and gorgeous tunics.

As always, let your imagination flow.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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