Style your closet: Jimmy Choo 24:7 glitter collection

Jimmy Choo has finally unveiled the sparkling new Glitter handbag collection for the Holiday season, which consists of shimmery pochettes and clutches in gold, silver and black. This collection will be available in the Jimmy Choo store in Beirut Souks.

Here are my two favorite pieces of the collection:

Caro- Anthracite glitter fabric

Reed M- Champagne glitter leather

I personally adore metallic colors (especially anthracite as it’s really ‘passe-partout’ and glamorous!) and all of this glittery feel that hit our wardrobe! You will totally love these pochettes and clutches!

Check the rest of the collection out:

(click on each picture if you wish to enlarge it)

How to wear glittery handbags:

Well, that’s something you can answer yourself as we all know that such pieces are more for night outings. They’re to be matched with any colors you are wearing! Remember to pick the shape of your handbag according to your outfit: go for a pochette if your wearing a dress, a larger clutch when wearing pants, etc.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot wear such handbags at very glamorous lunches or afternoon teas! Always go for what you WANT and FEEL.

JIMMY CHOO in Beirut:

Beirut Souks, Fakhry Bay Street, Beirut Central district, Lebanon T +961 1 991 111 ext:595

Christmas is in a month! It’s the best excuse to shop and get fabulous items for the ones you love (and for yourself of course)!

Fashionably yours,

                                Lana xx

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