Tricks and Trends: RED ME NOW!!

This post is a special request for a dear friend who, after checking Kim Kardashian’s look, asked if I could pick few bright red lipstick. Here are some I’ve already tried or used.

When it comes to choosing a red lipstick, you always have to do it first according to your hair color and then to your skin color. This is a small tip that you all should know. Plus, the younger you are the lighter red you can use as it is a color to careful use as you grow older.

1) From the collection ROUGE DIOR (for $33): Favori Red #752

Rouge Dior Voluptuous Care Lipcolor - No. 752 Favori Red

2) From Gemey MAYBELLINE (for $14): Rouge Monop 

Rouge Monop de Gemey Maybelline

3) From the collection ROUGE DIOR (for$33): Celebrity Red #999

Dior-Rouge Dior #999 Vedette

4) From M.A.C (for $14.5) : Lady Bug

5) From M.A.C (for $14.5): Cockney


6) From M.A.C (for $14.5): Impassionated


7) From L’Oreal (for $10): L’infaillible Red #312                                                                                 (This one is exactly like the one used by Kim K.)                                         

L'infaillible Red

Voila my loves! Remember this is a color to wisely use, preferably when your lips are moisturized; it’s just awful when lips are dry! Bright red could be a bit strong for mornings, pick it for any casual lunch and nights out.

PS: Don’t forget lipsticks always look darker on pictures.

You are all gorgeous, remember.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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2 Responses

  1. dima

    Thaaankx Lanoo i like them all, the first doir and the first Mac look really nice… Its always better to test before!

    1. Yes, especially when it’s red, you can’t just buy them hek bass yalla hek u save the series number and u can know what to try! I love MAC because they really stay for hours on lips! They master makeup.