Fittings At Elie Saab – Cannes Red Carpet 2015

annes. Hollywood Glam was the way to go for this edition; and here I am in a plane,  arriving an hour before my fitting at Elie Saab and no idea on what to wear!

Elie Saab has always been my lucky charm, and he’d better be especially this time around. I grew up glued to my mom during her numerous fittings, seeing the style of dressing evolving through years and the fashion house growing every season. One thing remained constant, the professionalism, the consistency, the excellency of the very meticulous work. Every dress is adored by the public and every girl in an Elie Saab gown feels like a princess; a “Hollywood-princess”.

Elie’s attention to detail is my crush and in my opinion, the reason of his success. This attention to details does not sacrifice the femininity of the designs, it accentuates it; flashback Hally Berry’s ox-blood number, Angelina Jolie’s fully beaded nude gown and Mila Kunis in lilas lace.

I arrived to Cannes the day right before my red carpet so I had to head immediately from Nice Airport to Elie Saab’s Suite at Le Martinez Hotel. I fell in love with the available gowns and I couldn’t help but playing dress up all around the suite.

My fitting started with a scorching red number. This dress was screaming SEXY; looking at the mirror, I felt thrown into the 60’s with the typical 3/4 length skirt and the little pearls on the bustier were more like all the cherries on top. But NO! I wanted a dress with a train, something that would heads on the red carpet, something Hollywood… and I saw that white gown !!!

This gown is perfect on all levels, its sheer all over, with the beads covering the essentials. The pièce de resistance was a white cape included in the gown. I could already see myself on the red carpet walking up the stairs with the white mousseline trailing behind me. I had the Hollywood dress I needed, the timeless white color, the perfection in details and the cape to make a statement. Red Carpet, here I come…

D-day, Sunday May 17th 2015, the day kicked off with several workshops and interviews as part of my L’Oréal Ambassador duties. After getting ready in my room at Le Martinez with L’Oréal Paris glam team, I headed to the Elie Saab Suite to get in my gown and head to the “Montée des marches”! But, wait it didn’t go as planned. As I put on my white gown, I realized that there were some parts a little bit too transparent and I wasn’t feeling comfortable anymore. It was 5:20PM..tic toc tic toc and I had to leave in my L’Oréal Paris black car in fifteen minutes. And then I saw the black gown. Coup de Foudre. Immediate. In two minutes, I was dressed and ready to go. The details on the upper part of the dress, combined with a little sheer, balanced with the huge tulle skirt made me feel this was the Hollywood glam I was looking for. Paired with my black eyeliner, my bold red lipstick and my big curls, I felt I was coming out of a movie. The dream was about to begin.

Photography: Hana from Journey Into La Ville Lumiere (@JourneyIntoLaVilleLumiere on Instagram)

Location: Elie Saab Suite, Hotel Le Martinez, Cannes, France

IMG_9690 IMG_9677 IMG_9668 IMG_9794 IMG_9777 IMG_9770 IMG_1417 IMG_1454 IMG_1496 IMG_1507 IMG_1543


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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2 Responses

  1. Maysa Hammoud

    Wow wow wow, u made my heart skip a beat when u had only 15 min to leave! So exciting! i loved the sexy red, pure white, and dreamy black! All beautiful….

  2. Sara

    So cool that you didn’t choose the white one and went straight forward to the opposite color! :’D