Festive Gold

he holiday season but I just couldn’t resist. When I set my eyes on this pair of gorgeous N21 gold mules, I had to have them! I’ve been following up closely with the huge boom of this shoe brand for a while already and I was about to indulge more than once, actually at each of my visits at Level Shoe District in Dubai Mall. First, I’ve been in favor of the come back of the mule for a while already, I love how fast we can put these heels on and I love how much of a comfortable option they can be, especially from hopping from a meeting to another, from a fashion show to a meeting.

The particularity of this brand, every single time, is the quality and the beauty of the fabric used, of the embellishments, of the little stones. Needless to say that the way the fabric is wrapped around the shoe makes it such a statement piece, so imagine how stronger it becomes when the material is stunning. I couldn’t resist this gold pair. I love their texture, I love how they feel on my feet. Excuse me but I tend to babble a lot, especially when it’s about shoes. I’m like an eternal unsatisfied Cinderella!

Enjoyed styling a beautiful JessicaK red jumpsuit with statement heels, and very elegant accessories. A little personalized touched with the clutch and a dark vest to complete! Festive season, I’m ready for you.

I am wearing: JessicaK FW15 red jumpsuit, Caren Lola personalized mirrored clutch, N21 gold mules (EXCLUSIVE in the region available at Level Shoe District) and an Yves Salomon fur.

Photography: Hana Levan (www.journeyintolavillelumiere.com)

Location: Paris, France

IMG_2572 IMG_2491 IMG_2430 IMG_2649 IMG_2599 IMG_2451 IMG_2614

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx