Fendi SS2017 – Sporty Feminism

For Fendi’s Spring Summer 2017, Lagerfeld found the perfect balance between the romantic florals we always want to see and very sporty elements. For that, he brought back to life iconic stripes from the brand’s archives. The combination was surprising yet looked smooth. The same logic was hidden behind the choice of fabrics contrasting lighter ones like sheer prints with jacquards and patent leather. With a palette of light pastel hues (apricot, blush pink and mint green), a lot of metallics were also used and instantly added a little something to the collection.


I loved how the waist was always clinched, keeping a very sensual feel and how the florals were applied with metallic threads. My favorite pieces were the jacquard cloche skirts and the “apron” skirts worn over sporty pants. I felt they added so much to the collection.

The styling completed the show as we spotted tiny little accessories in the models’ hair and the stripped shoes created a gorgeous contrast with the romantic feel of the clothes.

Many new bags and accessories were introduced. My favorite is the “Kan I?” stud lock bag, as it’s heavily decorated with colorful studs, florals, ribbons and embroideries.

Clients of the brand are going to be over the moon with the brand new “Strap you” versions, in shorter/thicker/thinner versions. The new straps are completely different from anything we’ve seen before and the shorter versions are going to add an extra way for you to style your bags. Soon, you will also be able to add your initial to any of your purses. Playful Fendi, we love you.