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Hello everyone!

After months of work and weeks of anticipation, I’m super happy to reveal to you L’Armoire De Lana in its new colors. The reason I waited that much is beause I wanted to make sure everything was perfect before it goes online. Also, I choose to reveal now as I celebrate today the FOURTH anniversary of L’Armoire De Lana. It’s incredible how fast time flew and it’s just amazing how this blog has been taking me on the most enriching adventures and encounters. Thank you for being loyal to this blog, for constantly encouraging me. My gift to all of you today is an updated website, with new features, more interactive options and amazing content coming up. This is just the beginning!

As you will notice, the branding and the identity of the blog stay entirely the same, I didn’t want any change to happen to that aspect. Also, all the rest is kept minimalistic, making the entire navigation extremely use-friendly and much more interactive. I love the new features and I think that they will bring new little changes to your daily read, breaking in the routine, opening the doors for new type of contents.
As I was quoted once saying to several magazines, L’Armoire De Lana is my baby blog and it will stay my main concern before any other new project. There’s nothing more beautiful and self-fulfilling for me than to see that for the past four years, the growth has been fast yet very constructive. The key to survive in the blogsphere is to always keep the content personal, original and genuine. L’Armoire De Lana is much more than just an interface on which I share fashion cravings, beautiful interviews and singular coverages, it’s my online home through which I can share bits and pieces from my daily life. It’s like keeping a little journal that’s at the same time personal yet extremely professional. Spreading positive vibes, unveiling little secrets and empowering ladies to always try to live a healthy and moderate life.


Let me now quickly present to you the latest features:

-Daily Confession: your daily dose of Lana, little revelations from here and there. Be careful, it might be too crazy sometimes! haha!
-Hashtag with Lana: We hashtag it and you share your stories. I’m loving this one! Every now and then, I’ll be sharing a little story and launching a new hashtag for you to share with us your common experiences using that keyword. Let’s go viral!
-Les Armoires Du Monde: definitely my favorite from all the new features! Every woman’s closet hides much more than just clothes, it hides travels, little style tips and a specific way of viewing fashion. It’s your turn to share with us your closet and everything it has to unveil!
-Styling who: The latest about all my styling projects
-Contributions: For you all to keep track of my latest contributions to specific channels or websites.
-Her: Finally, a category entirely dedicated to the empowering of women. Please welcome my dearest friend, the unique Shoug El Nafisi. Her posts are going to leave you in awe!
-In My Shoes: the only way for you to keep up with my travels, my latest food discoveries and much more globe-trotting.
-Presse: All of my features.


As for the rest of the categories, you will notice that I have changed some of the names you used to know.

Here’s a little intro to these changes:

Also note: You will find new little mechanisms on the blog that make the entire experience much nicer:
-You can now sort the blog feed by: most commented, most recent, most viewed.
-Just In: while scrolling the latest post, you will find this small box where you can directly know what are the newest articles and when they were published.
-Random Posts: Don’t know what to read and in need for more? simply click on the little random sign for a selection of articles to appear in front of you. You can repeat the process as much as you want!
-Archive: You can easily jump to one/two/three weeks before or view the full archive.
-Credits: Everything about L’Armoire De Lana’s guest bloggers, creative agency and favorite photographers/illustrators and more.

Have a question?

Get in Touch with me in the About section.

What else?
As promised, I’m very proud to be launching during the first of September, the French and Arabic versions of the blog. Stay tuned!

What’s coming up?
Await a very sweet meet&great event in October for the official release of the new website and for us all to celebrate together L’Armoire De Lana’s 4th anniversary. More details soon.

Special thanks to: my favorite graphic designer out there Rola Ghotmeh and her awesome creative agency The Creative9. Keep up the awesome work!

Meanwhile, enjoy the freshly baked new blog and make sure to let us know what you think about it! Make the most of the holiday months and continue to follow me in my journey to my wedding day. Loads of love to you all.

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