Fashion News: Sell your pre-owned items with FashionEncore.me

Fashion Encore is one of the first websites in our region to allow anyone to sell their pre-owned fashion items, in a very good to excellent condition, sometimes even brand new. Yes, you’ve read well, you can finally sell all of the stuff in our closets that are in good condition and that you don’t want anymore!!!
As a buyer on this website, you’ll be saving money while purchasing items that are intact or even brand new.  You are making your own statement by picking out unique findings, rather than buying the same dress from the same store at the same mall.  On the other hand, anything you buy, you can sell again.  And it helps to know that part of your purchase, and of Fashion Encore’s profit, is going to a different charity each year!
As a seller on this website, you are quite simply clearing space in your closet while making money out of it.  Knowing that you can sell anything you buy will make shopping a guilt-free experience.  You can buy single-event dresses and then put them up for sale, you can even sell your wedding dress.  This way, your wardrobe will stay curated and constantly changing.  Money is no longer a problem when shopping for your fashion jewels.  That is what pre-owned shopping is all about.
The website is one of the most advanced, with a user friendly search engine that will allow people to find the exact piece they desire in the exact size, brand, color, and material they wish to have.  The options are endless.  Additionally, there are many visual guides helping users in selling their items, and making their Fashion Encore experience more enjoyable.

  1. Register on www.fashionencore.me
  2. Take pictures of the items you want to sell. They have to be pictures of the actual items not pictures taken from the internet (for any help in this matter check our guide)
  3. Click on “Sell” or “Add new item”
  4. Fill in as much information as possible about your item for better chances of selling then click “Save”
  5. Upload the pictures and click “Save & submit”
As you can see, the steps are extremely easy to follow. Hurry up, dig into your closets and figure out all of the items you’d like to sell!!! I personally did it and with more items than what I expected!
Stay tuned with more news from www.fashionencore.me very soon on L’Armoire De Lana.
Fashionably yours,
Lana xx