Fashion News: Official Pictures for Azzi&Osta

On wednesday, we had a shoot at Azzi&Osta’s atelier in the dresses they’ve created for us inspired from our blogs.At first, I was so shy during the photo shoot, feeling an uneasiness. It’s the first time I pose for professional pictures and it was something totally new for me. Usually, I love taking pictures but I’m used to close friends or family taking them for me. I loved the experience as I had a blast with Mimi and Dalhia when were shooting the picture of the three of us.

I loved the result! And after all, I am proud of myself! That’s not bad at all for a first time!

Do you like them?!

The pictures are posted in Azzi&Osta group on Facebook, here’s the link:


Fashionably yours,

                               Lana xx

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