Fashion News: Louboutin & Fashion’s Night out

This year’s Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) wil be taking place on September 6. Each and every brand will have its own way of celebrating the event, some will have parties going on in  store while others might distribute giveaways, organizing free concerts or even have exclusive products that they will be selling. 

Christian Louboutin, on his side, will be releasing a three piece exclusive collection for the occasion. This line will only be sold in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas during FNO.

The three piece collection consists of a woman’s opened toe platform pump, a men’s velvet slipper, and a velvet iPad case. All items feature a hand stitched Chinese dragon motif. Take a look at them:

How I wish we could have a Fashion’s Night out in Beirut! So many things could be done, we have all the brands around!!

Fashionably yours,

                           Lana xx


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