Fashion News: L’Armoire De Lana’s update

L’Armoire De Lana was launched in June in its true colors with a full branding and identity. Through the weeks, I have noticed that there are few changes I wanted to make again on the website. We’ve made it simpler, sharper.

When you now log into www.larmoiredelana.com you will access the blog directly without the previous website landing page. You will find 13 different categories, each one of them represented by a specific peephole (this was already there previously) and if you click one of these peepholes, you will enter the full archive of posts of the corresponding category. The posts are ordered from the most recent to the oldest ones and you simply have to click on the post you’d like to read.

We’ve also changed the header to having just the logo with my illustration located on the left of the peepholes.

I hope you like this simpler approach of L’Armoire De Lana. Give me your feedback!

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx