Fashion News: L’Armoire De Lana’s First Year Anniversary

I just can’t believe one year has passed since I first started L’Armoire De Lana. I love how I can feel that this has been going on for years but at the same time feel that this is just the beginning!! It only makes it more exciting..

From a very personal blog to something that grew viral and took me to Paris Fashion Week, great talk-shows on local TVs and most importantly allowed me to meet the most adorable people, L’Armoire De Lana is the dearest to my heart.

There’s no special way I can think of to celebrate this but I can only thank each and every one of the blog’s readers and all the friends that give me the greatest of support.

Can’t wait to see where L’Armoire De Lana will lead me a year from now!

I have many projects in mind and at heart and I’ll let you discover them along as we enter this second year for the blog.

Stay tuned as I always say.


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx


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