Fashion News: L’Armoire De Lana reveals its logo

8 months already for L’Armoire De Lana and I find myself today READY to celebrate the first step of my brand taking shape with you. But first let’s flashback to make the picture clearer.

I never studied fashion.

Growing up I often found myself drawn to this world. Whether through my evident passion, or through the infinite advices that I was often asked to offer regarding fashion, styling, beauty, or even best addresses in Beirut (stores, restaurants, clinics, etc). After contributing in organizing a couple of fashion shows and interning at great local fashion magazines (U Magazine, Aishti Magazine); I decided to start my own fashion blog. It wasn’t my first blog as I’m used to publish most of my text online (on www.lanasjournal.wordpress.com). While the idea of a fashion blog was new to me; I realize NOW that L’Armoire De Lana kicked off so well and I found myself giving fashion advice to people I’ve never met and receiving emails from readers living in countries I’ve never even visited!

This is when I decided that it was about time to work on building a clearer identity for L’Armoire de Lana. It took a lot of time, in fact, it wasn’t easy to really determine what exactly my blog needs to translate to the world.  I even lost hope a couple of times. But then all the hard work and the patience started to blossom. L’Armoire De Lana’s identity started taking shape, and, just like the world it reflects, turned out richer than I expected. It isn’t limited to a logo; this is why I don’t intend to rush it and bring in all of the updates at once. It is a process I want everyone to gradually discover with me.

SURFING L’Armoire De Lana is like exploring a closet hiding the most versatile daily discoveries. Subscribing to the blog is like buying a ticket for a beautiful journey into everything that shapes my world; from colors; to adventures, travels; design and MUCH more. My blog is this eccentric closet I want to build evermore to keep my readers avid of new findings. So yes, discovering is the key to my world; I can’t imagine myself talking about one single thing; it has to always be moving! As you must have guessed by now, (or have you not?:)) the way into mon armoire and my world; is a PEEPHOLE.

My logo is born.

Vintage gold is one of my favorite colors and it was chosen for the peephole. As for the appearance of my peephole; it comes to reflect my love for detail and finish; whether in my everyday life or in fashion. Finally, even the font holds my identity as the emblem is complemented with my own signature.

It has taken weeks of work until it reached such a form. For that, I’d like to first thank Asma Hoballah for leading me in trying to figure out what I want L’Armoire De Lana to deliver to its readers. Nevertheless, the woman behind it all is Rola Ghotmeh. I remember sitting with Rola and Asma; it was actually the first time I meet Rola and she took the laptop and created a peephole with geometric shapes. This is when it all started in me. I want to thank her for being the most important part in building my little closet, my baby blog. Rola fell in love with the project and this is what strengthened the collaboration. Thank you for replying to my never-ending emails and middle-of-the-night texts; I’m sure no one would have kept up with that. You rock!

Last but not least, I want to thank Aya Jammal (Editor-in-chief of U Magazine). Apart from being this amazingly good confidante, Aya excels with U magazine and everything that she does. When I was hesitating about what name to give the blog last August, I texted her at 3AM because it was the sole judgment I could trust in such a matter. She turned out being awake and it took her a couple of minutes to come out with three propositions: “StyLana”, “Lana’s Closet” and “L’Armoire De Lana”. I didn’t even have the time to think which of these three would fit best; she immediately said “Go for L’Armoire De Lana; it sounds perfect”. And there I went! 

Keep in mind that the logo isn’t the unique part of launching L’Armoire De Lana’s true identity. The peep hole is awaiting to unveil many more surprises. So, as I always say, stay tuned.

14 Responses

  1. Lana K

    Beautifully put Lana ! I love L’amoire de Lana’s new look and will be peeking through that peephole for great fashion tips. xx

  2. I know nothing about design or fashion, but when I saw this, it took me to a “Cinderella” or a “Snow White” realm. I felt this is how the glamour and fairy tales of fashion look like.

    Absolutely love it.

  3. Ghada

    love the logo… love the idea… and definitely waiting for the peephole to unveil lots of surprises!:) bonne chance Lana!

  4. Lara

    I love your blog and every small detail in it!
    Bravo i encourage you! We’re waiting for much more hopefully! MWA<3