Fashion News: Karina Assaf cutting her hair for “Style your cut”

As you’ve read already last week, I am proud to be part of One Wig Stand’s Make the Cut campaign for hair donation. Part of this, my friend Ally and I have created a sub-campaign “Style your cut”, which a collaboration with 5 Lebanese fashion blogs including L’Armoire De Lana.

Karina Assaf is taking the Digital Activism class with Ally and I at AUB and as soon as she heard us mentioning the campaign, she came to us to tell us the wants to be a donor.

Style Your Cut: A Blogger’s Take

When asked about why she’d like to be part of the campaign, she said: “Because nothing would make me happier than helping those in need, and besides..hair grows back!!!”.
I also asked her if she believed being part of our campaign would make a change: “Yes, it can definitely make a change. I think women need to be aware of how important even ONE ponytail could be for a cancer patient. My hope is that all women all over Lebanon become inspired by this project and motivated to make the cut like we have”.
Last but not least, I asked Karina about the hairstyle she’d like to go for (so that I could prepare a mood board before tomorrow’s shoot”: “I definitely want to go for bangs!!! Every winter, I got to my hairdresser and have this fringe cut. I’m so happy to make this change before the holidays!”

I am very very excited for tomorrow! I teamed with Pace e Luce Verdun for the cut and I’m sure their expertise will bring a lot to the look I’ll be trying to build.
Do you think there’s a specific mood I should advise Karina to go for tomorrow? Let me know your thoughts!

Stay tuned with L’Armoire De Lana and I’ll be live tweeting and posting updates on the Facebook page throughout the photo-shoot and the preparations before it.

Fashionably yours,
Lana xx

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