Fashion News: How far would you go?-London Fashion Week

This is something we all end up always discussing. How far would we go if we could wear the craziest creations?

I personally have sudden twists and believe it or not; I’m often described to be ‘so random’! So here are few eccentric from London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012.

1. Summer feel by Ashish Gupta. I mean owkey, floral design but the shoes thingy?? NO!

Ashish by Ashish Gupta

2. By Fashion Fringe. I think the shower caps idea is so cute and totally out of the blue but that outfit is, in my opinion, horrible!

Fashion Fringe

3. I love this very circus-outfit by Meadham Kirchhoff. However, I wouldn’t see this trending next summer. I would have seen her hair more simple and her look didn’t need these sunglasses!

Meadham Kirchhoff

4. Fashion East goes denim! But over-denim-ing it is a failure! I think we should always remind ourselves that sometimes, more is less! What’s with these shoes!!!?!

Fashion East (James Long, Maatern Van Der Horst, Marques’ Almeida)

So, this was a quick overview. What do you think of this crazy sparks? That’s why we love fashion.

Keep tuned for more posts about London Fashion Week.

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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