Fashion News: Fashion show that you must attend!

Grand Lycee Francais d’Achrafieh will be hosting a fab fashion show this wednesday April 4th. This show is to finance their graduation party.

L’Armoire De Lana will be supporting the event, as we helped in finding more brands for the show and organizing couple of things. You have to come and spend a good time; especially if you’re fond of fashion!

Tickets are sold for 25,000 LBP; which is nothing considering the amount of things that will be happening! Not only will you enjoy the show but there will also be a dance show and many other entertaining solos!

From Royal Threads’ beautiful dresses to Alex Hamm’s gorgeous shoes; this show will leave you craving more gorgeous fashion!

For more info, please call: 70 817 572

Fashionably yours, 

                                 Lana xx

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