Lana reviews: Fashion eccentricity and human selfishness

This post focuses today on a fashion item I discovered about a week ago.
We all already know the difficulty of getting a “birkin 35cm” Hermes handbags, especially in crocodile or ostrich (they breed their own crocodiles and ostrich in Autralia). Women go crazy ordering them 2-3 years before, others use less honest methods to get them, etc.

So, I don’t know how late I am to discover about the Hermes Diamond Crocodile Birkin (35cm). The one that captured my attention the most is this red one with gold hardware and diamonds.

When looking at such an item, the love of fashion and extravagance and luxury in me could only say ‘woaaaaah’ !! huge thing!! Would love to touch it and see how it’s done, and maybe wear it for a night with a plain black dress.

But I stop for a second and think about the use of this money to buy these luxury handbags and I realize how spoiled a part of the world has become.

I think I could open two schools back there in Cameroon where I used to live by selling only one of these. Human selfishness still unfortunately prevails.

Fashionably yours
Lana xx

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