Fantasy Closets

Contribution by: Jana Ezzeddine, Interior Designer

This post happens to be the first post after Lana and Ali’s fairy tale wedding. And truly what a fairy tale it was! As an interior designer, I am still amazed by the concept, the décor, and the execution of lana’s wedding. All the elements clicked perfectly together; from the color of the flowers, the design of the beautiful Ferris wheels, to the music that entertained every guest.

So in honor of the wedding of the year and the bride of the year, today’s post will keep you in the spirit of fairytales by taking you into some amazing closets.

Kicking off our list of fabulous closets is a very modern and simple one, where the designer’s emphasis on lighting adds even more luxury to the very elegant colors of the closet.

pic1 pic2 pic3 pic4

If you ask any girl what does your fantasy closet look like? The color white is most likely to come up. So to all you ladies who dream about the white dressing room, here you go! Enjoy

pic5 pic6 pic7

Though a game room is their top priority, men also appreciate a good closet.

pic8 pic9

The grey tone of these back-painted glass doors makes this closet ultra sophisticated and fit for a true gentleman.

Thank you Jana for your sweet words about our wedding, I cannot wait for your big day!! And we are in LOVE with this post. I’m sure everyone is now dreaming about a fairytale closet..I mean, who wouldn’t want one?

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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