Today is very very different on L’Armoire De Lana. I’m super happy to share with you the first contribution by my dearest Shoug El Nafisi. We’re so happy to have you as part of L’Armoire De Lana’s family and we cannot wait for more and more of your inspirational posts, giving women the power to have the courage of changing the world. Enjoy this post..

Having what it takes to make it: 3 things that put you on top..

Inspired by some of the most impressive women I’ve ever known, having these three things in mind, you’ll be setting yourself on the right track to creating your legacy:


  1. Drive to achieve

We’re all vulnerable to feelings that either make or break us, and dealing with that doesn’t mean to turn that vulnerability off. It’s a matter of management; listening to it all, but being vulnerable only to what matters.

The social element of life has great benefits, and engaging in a social life is likely to reap some positive outcome. Since the key to achievement is drive, one way to keep the motivation is to fall back on your relationships. The good ones will bring out the best in you and teach you to handle your worst. They will also remind you of your accomplishments that serve as reminders of what you’re capable of.

Feel like you need more? Take on a challenge. You’re empowered by your growth, both professionally and personally, and it all depends on your willingness to step up.

  1. Be positive

Being an optimist is one thing, being positive is what you should be.

It is to actively emit positive energy into the world, and to those around you. That active element of being positive is what matters. Having the ability to positively change things for yourself and those around you is to be powerful. Positivity builds determination, develops momentum, and yields reward. It’s not like you’re wearing “rose-colored glasses”, but polarized lenses to see all that there is to see. It’s about seeing what good can come out of a situation, it’s about being there for those you care about, and changing the way of things by making the right decisions. Invest in yourself well, and take the time to evaluate your perspective, always.

  1. Give

In looking to please others, you lose yourself in the material, all-consuming gifts. To “Give” is to “gift” others the thought, the time, and everything associated with the action itself. Yes, material things can have their worth, but the moment has an impact beyond that. Being able to Give means that you believe you have something of value that someone else could use, and that means that you have the power to do something for someone else. Give time, empower others to be the best they could be, and Give a hand when you know someone needs it.

In the end, we all have what it takes, but it’s about seeing it and making that right, first, decision every morning.

Shoug El Nafisi

So inspiring, giving us the drive to wake up tomorrow and rock this world. We love your posts!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx