Elie Saab SS2017 – The Glitzy Escape

I would personally compare the Elie Saab SS2017 collection to a sweet escape to outer space. Viewing his collection before our eyes carried us to a magical world full of colors, far away from planet earth.

Backstage at Elie Saab RTW Spring 2017

Constellation of stars, some appeared on multicolored minidresses, worn under cloak jackets, others as inserts on ruffled dresses or perfectly sequined in paillettes on evening gowns. A lot of accessories also caught my eyes (chokers, statement necklaces and different designs for earrings)

Rainbow stripes lined up on a delicate sophistication of a glitzy runway, silk gowns, pleated skirts and necklines too. Saab gave a contemporary meaning to his gowns by glamourizing them with matching sequined baseball caps. Not to forget the black bomber jackets with split arms and golden details. I need one of these.

Backstage at Elie Saab RTW Spring 2017

This show was definitely FUN and I just can’t stop loving the new direction of Elie Saab when it comes to his ready-to-wear collections. Accompanied by the tunes of the 1970’s, the models walk the catwalk with a different attitude, strong, empowered.


“It’s all about the disco, the seventies. I lived through those years and remember my parents then. I think I took a lot from that decade through them” said Elie Saab.


All that Elie Saab glitter is definitely gold!