hink Egypt. “Um El Donia” at the center of inspiration for Saab’s latest couture masterpiece.

On the runway, the palette went from subtle whites to shades of cream and strong gold. I loved the touch of baby blue and navy blue, reminding us of the flow of the Nile. Every single detail was right in its place.

While we recognized many of the couturier dress cuts, new silhouettes made a beautiful apparition. I loved the beaded collars, inspired from Cleopatra’s dresses. The embroidered capes, whether with pants or floor-length dresses looked very different this season, perhaps the use of satined taffeta changed the entire perception; giving many of the pieces a very vintage feel. Take me back to these times where the heart of Cairo was boiling with emerging artists that took Egypt back to a central place.

Once more, the accessories were extremely striking, from the beaded heels and sunglasses to the simple turbans, chunky cuffs, statement pendant earrings, and gold headbands. A turban with your couture dress? YES.

Egypt, one the most inspirational hearts of civilization was perfectly celebrated through a collection that I cannot wait to see on International red carpet events.

Lana xx