Dries Van Noten SS15 – Ready To Wear – #PFW

If you have a classic sense of style, you might not immediately adhere to this brand or completely grasp the philosophy of the designer. However, regardless of one’s taste or preferences, no one can ever question Dries Van Noten’s creativity.

Honestly, once again, I loved his collection. The reason why, is because he always finds a way to sweep me off my feet with how he tackles fashion and the extremes he pushes it to.
The highlight of this collection is actually how he took it all to the ground. So far, this fashion show has the most-talked-about finale where the models simply reclined on his runway to sit down on a very lush carpet that looks like an overgrown forest floor.

The theme of the collection is very clear: from the forest to fashion and back. I loved the palette of colors used: olive green, beige, mustard yellow, royal blue, brown, black, etc.

The interesting contrast happened when he mixed these very-grounded hues with metallic ones (like shimmery blue or silver). There are a LOT of prints, each one extremely different from the other. Some might judge that there’s too much going on but I’m able to spot Van Noten’s harmony.

It’s all very hippie and artistic, the designer definitely puts his foot down to prove once again that he doesn’t have to abide by the main trends.

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Credits for the pictures: style.com

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx