Dream 2016

I’m not sure how I feel about the “Happy New Year” phrase. Looking at my Beirut, at my country, I woke up on January 1st feeling as sorry and disappointed as I felt on December 31st. But the most beautiful thing in us Lebanese is this love of life, this constant strive for happiness, it keeps us going. I feel blessed to have been born as a Lebanese and as I’m not a holder of any other nationality, I don’t want to feel cursed but on the contrary, I want to dream, I want to believe. All of the success stories in our country have taught us that sky is the limit. In January 2015, I woke up on an amazing feature in L’Orient Le Jour listing me in the top 30 Lebanese influencers of 2014. My dreams are bigger this year, my goals have no limits and the projects we are already preparing with my team are about to blow you away. I have to thank you for being on board, for believing in me, for smiling with me, for feeling my sorrow and for pushing me to achieve more.

Today, I don’t want to think about one of those eat healthy/exercise daily/quit sugar resolutions. I want to be sincere with myself, I want to think crazy, I want to promise to myself that I will be generous with myself this year. I want to promise that in the craziest of times, I will not forget the ones that matter and I will not neglect Lana.

This year,

I will not tell the same story at every get together (I tend to get carried away when I start talking…)

I will learn how to use the washing machine (Hubby, I’m sorry and I promise this round I will!)

I will try to improve my technique when parking a car (Yes, I have to admit I’m not the best driver in town)

I will work less and try to take it easy (The only resolution I know I will fail to complete)

I will enjoy eating more yummy things (Chocolate, you’re on my radar)

I will pick one crazy destination and suddenly just fly away (Australia? Argentina? Turks And Caicos?)

I resolve to think twice and manage my words before speaking when I’m angry (My mamma always says, your spontaneity is going to get you in trouble baby!)

I will cook every day for my husband (He’s lost 7 kilos since we’ve got married/ Yes, I’m starting to feel bad)

I will wear all of pairs of shoes I haven’t worn yet and I will avoid every shoe store in the world (My credit card is going to be happy!)

I will club more (My nightlife needs a major update)

I will stop listening to 1990s music and shift to our modern times (Who’s Drake btw?)

I need to stop crying at cheesy movie endings

I will stop criticizing Victoria Secret’s models because we all know I want to look like one of them.

I will learn to love myself as much as Kanye and Kim love themselves (that could turn out interesting..)

I will have a weekly chocolate sundae, I’m done with veggies!

IMG_8741 IMG_8780 IMG_8811 IMG_8834 IMG_8850

What’s your most unexpected resolution for 2016?

Outfit details: Beaded Top and Skirt from The Dress Concept (Gemmayzeh, Beirut), Jimmy Choo pumps (Available at Aishti Department Stores), Viviane Debbbas earrings.

Photo credit: Patrick Sawaya 

Oh and by the way, Happy New Year 🙂

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

7 Responses

  1. Maryam

    Dear Lana
    Wish you a happy new year full of love and peace
    I’m not quite sure if your remember me
    I wrote for you long time to take your opinion about LV bag ( the one with glitter) either to keep it or change it with Dior bag
    You advice me to keep that limited bag and I was so happy for your advice …
    Since that time I’m keeping follow your through your pages in the media and
    I was so happy when I saw you marriages photo …
    All best to you and to lovely Lebanon in 2016


  2. Clara

    I am pretty sure you hold a second nationality! African? Perhaps!
    And you eating chocolate, please share it on snapchat so that we can see it for real!