Don’t Be Like It, Let it Be you.

rif;”>You Will Never Influence The World By Trying To Be Like It”

I always receive emails from young and upcoming bloggers asking me about how to stand out, how to turn their blogs into success stories. Honestly, all I ever reply is: be unique, original, create different content. In fact, it’s not easy to stand out. I mean, it’s easy to try to be different but then again there are general trends/styles out there that we are all inspired from.

Fashion goes from the streets to the runways and vice-versa. It’s like the chicken and egg question. Who came first? And as always, like anything else in life, it’s a 50/50 kind of story. And then they ask me, are you trying to influence the world? Well, humbly, I don’t expect to be changing the world but I do hope I’m read out there, I do wish to always be reaching out to more and more people. In a way, yes I am different, I do stand out. But, I also conform to many beautiful things that I love out there. You can’t always be swimming against the current.

I grew up being a very shy child, then, after several years of drama classes and numerous empowering talks with my mama, I did change. While some might perceive my shyness as arrogance, others immediately get me. And yes, most of the time, shy people usually end up being some of the coolest people you know (of course after you start talking to them).

To get back to my point, I know it’s easier said than done, but do try to always work on yourself, convince your inner-self that its okay to wear that same jeans everyday if you feel like it, that it’s okay to hate chocolate even if most of the planet swears by it, that it’s okay to have your own opinion about even if your closest ones disagree with it.

I am wearing: Little black dress from 6:05 At Depeche Mode, Givenchy Boots, Mukhi Sisters earrings.

Makeup: myself

Hair: Sami Idriss from Tony El Mendelek salon.

Photography: Bachar Srour

Location: Twenty Seven Beirut, Beirut Souks

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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