Dior Couture FW16

When Simons creates for Dior, it’s said to always be a fairytale. This time, in my opinion, he scores a full grade. First, the stunning set, inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s “Garden of Earthly Delights”, the pointillist painted panels created an incredible harmony with the purple catwalk. Also, on the runway, you could see huge objects that Simons imagine as the forbidden fruits. With the strong sun, there was a gorgeous light penetrating through the painted glass, creating ethereal feel.

The contrast between lightness and weight was at the center of this couture collection. Effectively, the collection kicked off with very light white dresses, perfectly adorned with jewelry chains; followed by huge cape-like coats. I loved how the collection was inspired by the Old masters of Flemish painting and the artisanal masters of haute couture. It gave this collection a very historical aspect, balanced with the technique of Dior’s ateliers.

We felt that the collection gradually took us from the past to the couture of the future. High culture, pop culture, baroque, renaissance, everything was there for a breathtaking collection.

I fell for the first looks, the lightness of the fabrics used, the white transparency, the beautiful sleeves, the use of jewelry chains naturally completing the dresses. As for the coats, I loved how sculptural they looked. The cape-like coats were made of heavier fabrics like velvet and cashmere, contrasting with the rest of the looks. There was movement, especially with the embroidered dresses that followed, sensual and sometimes revealing naked skin. As for the glittered platform sandals, they just added a hint of fun, giving some of the looks a very club-like feel. I liked the below-knee length gowns, the print, the hand-painted pieces, the plumes.

Everything about this collection is poetic and each piece has a different story. Yes, I can definitely say that Simons’ forbidden fruits are beautiful and taste sweet.

Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_01 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_05 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_11 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_13 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_33 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_48 Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_50Dior_Couture_AW1516_Look_55

Fashionably yours,

 Lana xx