Dice Kayek Haute Couture FW16

bow, bold colors, velvet ruffles and opulent embellishments that left us in awe.

I love it when a brand can have signature silhouettes that our eyes can immediately spot. There’s something about Dice Kayek that is so different from the rest of the couture houses. First, there’s no need to have long evening gowns, a woman can easily wear a fully-embroidered gilet dress, a revisited little black dress or a classic black&white suit with a bow. Second, her embroideries are always so strong yet so mysterious. Third, it’s all about the strong woman.

The designer defines and redefines her rules of couture and that’s what I can’t get enough of. The identity is clear, the creativity is there and the outstanding result left the audience speechless.

This collection is a real jewel and we all spent the last minutes of the finale just clapping from joy. When couture surpasses itself and makes you happy that’s when you know it’s different. That’s the new couture.

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Fashionably yours,

Lana xx