Decorate Your Home With Travel Memories

Contribution by: Jana Ezzeddinepic1

I have always hated the idea of a cliché travel souvenir. For me, I don’t see how items like an Eiffel tower key chain or a big Ben mug can recap a very personal travel experience. That is why if I am buying a souvenir, it will not go beyond a cute fridge magnet. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for sentimental items that bring back memories every time you look at them. But why remember your vacation by mass produced souvenirs?

Some experienced travelers collect similar items from each country they visit. I love this concept because it can be really personal and authentic. It could literally be anything you obsess over; but for me personally, a good souvenir is anything that can add a personal and cultural touch to my home without turning it into a museum! Over the past years I have collected everything from paintings, painted plates, postcards, home accessories, to vintage underplate mats and oven gloves!

Here are some cool ideas that will help you decorate your homes with some travel memories.

First up are travel boxes. Just throw in anything that reminds you of your trip, from pictures to local money or even museum tickets.


Another idea is the ticket painting. Save tickets from the metro, bus, concerts, and museums and later turn them into a really personal painting.

pic3 pic4

These couples are really grounded!! They actually collect sand from cities they visit and turn them into home accessories.

pic5 pic6

Next time you are traveling, bring back something your heart fell in love with in Rome. Imagine how a bronze Buddha statue would fill up that space on your living room shelf, or how all your hair ties and pins could fit in that hand carved Moroccan box.

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