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Monday means a new week and new resolutions for a more organized life. I’m loving the Déco Chic category and I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. Here’s for another post by our contributing interior designer Jana Ezzeddine with tips on different storage solutions to help you tidy up your bedrooms!

A lot of storage products have been created to help you tidy up your drawers, closets, and that space you don’t know what to do with beneath your hanged clothes. What I love about these products is not only how they keep my stuff in place, but also the touch of charm they add to my bedroom and life!

Though some of these items are available in home department stores and renowned supermarkets, a lot of them are limited to international chains. A good idea would be to grab a few whenever you are traveling and bring them home with you. Their storage friendly concept makes them foldable and light so they could easily fit in your suitcase without weighing it down. Another trick is to create your own do-it-yourself items if you cannot find all these storage solutions in your region.

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Starting of our list are shelf dividers. They help you create a private section for different types of clothing or accessories.

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Clothes separators are a great choice for first time moms. They can help you organize your baby’s wardrobe given all the chaos going on around you.

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You can even use them to separate your children’s clothes if they share the same closet. It works great for twins. You can use different colored separators to mark each child’s section.

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Fabric storage boxes for me are a must have. They fill up empty shelf spaces and closet bottoms neatly. You can literally throw anything in them and still maintain that sleek clean feel. Plus, they look super cute. A lot of colors and fabrics are available to satisfy all tastes.

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Drawer dividers are extremely helfull when it comes to organizing small pieces and accessories; from  underwear and lingerie to makeup and nailpolishes. You can fill each individual cell by similar type items, making it easier for you to find any thing you are looking for.

California Closets pic 10

If you are looking to buy some products like these, below is a list of stores where you will find some


1-bhv : you can find fold-up canvas closet for clothes and shoes, fabric boxes, and hangers

2- west elm at Beirut city center : they have all different types of products on their website and they can order u whatever u want from their Dubai stores within 40 days

3- Mamas and Papas :you can find under bed storage, storage boxes, and shelves

4- Zara home has trolleys, boxes, linen and silk hangers, and clothes hooks

Gulf region:

1- IKEA is king when it comes to storage and organization products

2- Pottery Barn has everything from over-the-door shoe hangers to jewelry organizers

3- West elm

For those of you who cannot find drawer dividers in your area, buy some small sized fabric boxes and arrange them inside your drawers…this will give you the same result as a drawer divider would.

Hope this helps!!!

Make sure to follow Jana on Instagram for more tips @janaezz and stay tuned for more!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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  1. Zeina Khalaf

    Extremely helpful post! But PLEASE help us find those drawer dividers and closet separators in Lebanon! Any store suggestions?