Fashion-up your bedrooms with a dose of METALLICS!

Here’s to another new post by our favorite interior designer, Jana Ezzeddine. I love this one and how she took even further the link between interiors and fashion. Metallics are everywhere: on the catwalks, in the streets or simply in your closets. Now, how about a little dose of metallics into your bedrooms?
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You all know how versatile fashion trends can be…how they affect millions of wardrobe choices each day, but do you know that fashion also influences interior design? As an interior designer with a love for fashion, I clearly see how runway trends leap into my world. Some of these overlapping trends include color-blocking, mixing metallics, and retro-chic.

For today’s design trend, I was really inspired by Lana’s “silver on silver on silver” post. Incorporating metallics into your bedroom can dramatically change your bedroom’s vibe. So this summer, try out silver and grey for a richer yet comfy look. A good tip would be to use soft grey for the foundation of the room, then add silver touches to highlight the grey’s serenity.

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 With vintage finds making a huge comeback, this trend also includes gold. The golden sparkle of brass is already one of the most talked about interior design trends this up-coming winter. Both gold and silver carry a sense of luxury and richness that is simply undeniable. So if you are fond of shimmering metallics, 2014 is the year to bring them to the privacy of your bedrooms!

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 If you are not in the process of decorating your bedroom, here are some tips on how you can “get the look”:

– Replace your old bed cover with a soft grey one + silver throw pillows, or a light beige one + gold throw pillows  

– Metallic accessories are everywhere!! Choose some picture frames, bed-side lamps, and chandeliers that best suit your bedroom style.

– Wallpapers are so much fun to choose from. Different patterns and metallic shades are available to satisfy all needs and tastes.

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For those of you who like a bit more color in their bedrooms, here is why this trend can also work for you: you can literally add any color to these neutral palettes and still get the oh-so sophisticated feel. Mix some blue or radiant orchid with your silver, or some emerald green with your gold!

Stay tuned for more tricks on how to fashion up your bedrooms with Jana (@janaezz on Instagram).

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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