Déco Chic: Emballage Vêtements Hors Saison


Good morning everyone! Lebanon’s weather is completely unpredictable but here we are, at the doors of June and a very hot summer. If you haven’t yet, it’s about time to pack your winter clothes and reorganize your summer closet! 

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Summer is finally here but so is the dreaded moment of having to clear out your winter wardrobe to make room for your lighter pieces. If you luckily happen to have enough space to fit your out-of-season clothes in your dressing room or an extra closet, then here are some tips for you:

– First things first! To keep your clothes feeling fresh after summer is gone; start by cleaning your closet interiors and shelves where you will be storing your winter clothes and hang some cedar scented sachets when you are done. Cedar is known for its moth repellant properties. 

– Even though you are not going to pack your winter clothes, it is a good idea to clean everything you will not be wearing during summer. Dry clean your delicate clothing, and run the rest through the washing machine.

– Cover up as much items as you can using canvas garment bags .this will protect them from dust and closet moths while they are stored.

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– Your clothes will remain hanged during the summer period, which could leave almost permanent hanger marks on them…go for padded and wide hangers instead of the wire ones. As for the folded items, make sure to fold them neatly to avoid having to iron all your clothes in a few months.

For the less lucky ones out there; including myself, who do not have enough space to keep out-of-season clothes within reach, you will have to pack some of them. I tend to take over my brother’s extra closet to hang my delicate items instead of packing them. I find it kind of brutal to pack a beaded top or a gorgeous winter jacket. And let’s face it; boys tend to have more free closet space than us girls. So if you are the smaller brother or the husband, some space invasion is bound to happen. Bare with us guys 

As for the less delicate items such as knitwear and jeans, also start by cleaning the bags or the plastic boxes you will put-away your clothes in and throw in a humidity absorbent sachet too. Like we said before, storing your clothes clean and tidy will save you time when fall and winter return. So fold neatly to avoid fabric damage and the need to iron. I personally like to store by type and label my bags (tops and scarves, knitwear and cardigans. Etc…) so I know where everything is in case I need to pull something out quick.

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Last but not least, shoes! Mostly we are talking about boots here because a lot of other shoe types go with you from season to season. Wipe your boots clean and store them in their boxes wherever you have hidden free space.

I love the way my closet looks and feels when we switch from winter to summer. The clothes are lighter and less bulky so they do not take-up space like the heavy winter items do. And you know what that means; more space equals more shopping!!

Thank you Jana, this is probably one of my favorite posts so far! We’re tuned for next week!

Fashionably yours,

Lana xx