Daily Confession: Broken Dream

I overslept this morning. And as usual, I started running around my room and my bathroom to get ready as fast as I can. This was until my worse nightmare happened: I broke a nail; a beautifully polished & manicured nail. You know when your nail broke but I guess this is every girl’s worse situation, especially when in a rush or when getting ready for a long day full of important meetings. What to do in such a situation? I see many of my friends gluing back their nails with a special nail glue or putting an extra coat of nail-polish to make sure it doesn’t break more or falls down. I can’t take such situations. I honestly have a little ADD and I always need to have things very neat and perfect. When something like that happens with me, I simply decide to remove nail polish from all my nails and cut them all at the level of the broken one. I finalize this process by putting strengthening transparent nail polish on all of them. This way, they all look presentable, clean and equivalent. Oh, and I make sure to book the closest manicure appointment!


Fashionably yours,

Lana xx

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