Creating your positive environment


Sometimes, when you want to have it done right, it’s best to do it yourself.


Many of us go to great lengths to see if we can find ourselves again. We look forward to trips abroad, the seclusion, and hope for new beginnings. How many times though, have you done that, and then come back to the same old you; always exhausted, unsatisfied, and unmotivated? Did the vacation’s effect wear off that fast?
It’s not that bad habits die hard, but there are habits that you may have taken for granted, and which have piled up, weighing you down. Being in a toxic environment not only throws you off your game, but drains you physically, mentally and emotionally. Leaving it, only to come back to that same environment will continue to wear you out. Being the best you can be requires you to be in an environment that stimulates your intellect and emotions, and promotes positivity. Here’s what it should look like:




There are those who are around you because of work, and other somewhat imposed relationships. Then there are those you befriend by choice.
Take the time to be around those who build you up and whose company enriches your perspective. Your friends are probably unlike you, but that gathering of background thoughts and ideas makes for an exciting conversation. Now that you’ve chosen the people, make it a point that you don’t feed on their energy, but rather regenerate it – use some of it, and give back some of your best in its place. Be around those whose presence is joyful, so that when a challenge comes along, you can afford to take it on. After all, happiness builds resilience.


Although the presence of people can be revitalizing, the location itself can be a drain. At times when you find you may have lost yourself, it’s best to go to a place where you had found yourself previously – your favorite reading spot, a local coffee shop, or a hidden treasure outside the city. Either that, or go somewhere very new and start over, figuratively speaking. Step outside for natural light and fresh air, and do that often. Going out to open spaces to reflect is a good idea, but vibrant cities can work just as well. That said, a change of scenery could always be useful.


How to


Remember that where life is buried, flowers are meant to bloom. Life goes on.

Each of our challenges is somehow only difficult enough to tilt the balance, but not break it. Gather yourself and take on the challenge ahead of you while falling back on the strength you’ve gained from being in the right environment. Remembering that you were happy, means you could be happy once again, and that right environment serves to remind you of that.