Fashion News: Winners of the Royal Threads’ t-shirts

At 8h50pm tonight, I’ve closed the competition to win one of the 4 gorgeous t-shirts designed by Nora Habbal for her brand Royal Threads.

I’ve assigned 4 baskets; each one for every single t-shirt of the competition. Then I wrote all of the names that liked each picture on small squares of paper that I folded and put into the corresponding baskets. As I didn’t want to go into any risk of people thinking I’m not being transparent enough, I let my mother pick out the names and tell them to me while I was updating the Facebook page directly.

Here are the names of the winners of our first competition;

  • Winner of the Karl Lagerfel t-shirt is: DALIA SAAD
  • Winner of the “It’s my boyfriend” t-shirt is: NOUR RIFAI
  • Winner of the “It’s my birthday Bitches” t-shirt is: ZAINAB BITTAR
  • Winner of the “Drink Before You Think” t-shirt is: HALA SAHILI

CONGRATULATIONS!! I guess Santa is early for the four of you this year!! We will try to set up the right time to meet for you to get your gift.

As for the rest of us all, more competitions are coming up; this is just the beginning!!!

Fashionably yours,

                                 Lana xx

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